Research move stations

Will it be possible to move the stations, like in BigPharma?
In Bigpharma you can move your production machines (Agglomerator, Evaporator…).
You only have to rebuild the belts.

Maybee make a research option which allows you to move production stations in a small area.


I joined this Forum Just to Express the same idea: with the current System it’s much too expensive to Change a Line. This leads to building a minimal Line making provit, having that Run on max Speed while reseaching everything before building a second Line maxed Out.

This means you normally miss the middle game where you improve your First Line gradually.

Therefore I strongly suggest to implement a moving feature. Alternativly a storage Feature where you can deside between selling or storing an Element.

Nevertheless, great game!

Same goes for me: Most important “usablity” feature I am currently missing (and especially in the starting phase) is to “move”/“reset” the Asembly stations. Currently its only possible to demolish and rebuild them. This is not only costly but unrealistic and you have to repurchase the Upgrades.

Nevertheless moving those stations should not be for free, but with a cost (e.g. a share of the building costs). And yep, researching it beforehand would probably make sense.

Edit: And just after going back into my game: moving Offices (e.g. Research) should be a lot cheaper than Assembly Stations due to their “unfixed” nature.

hello all.

go find the file simconfig

open the file with notepad and change it to

HOUR_LENGTH = 120000

this makes the game refund 1:1 the cost to build. so you can rebuild the line at 0 cost.

dont forget to restart the game before you start again

Hi Viscos,
thx for the workaround! But it’s only that for the moment:

I don’t want to be reimbursed a 100 % if I would really deconstruct/sell a part of my factory (there in the real world, 50 % would actually be quite a lot).

On the other hand “moving slots” should cost “something” because if you replan you shopfloor, you have to pay quite a bit for deinstallation/installation. So based e.g. on the size of the slot/factory part the costs for moving it could be set.

I would like to see a system where you get 100% back if the station is unused. The more you use the station the less money you’d get from it when you sell it, down to 50% of it’s value.

Hey @ all,

a look into the real world brings no happyness. Some machinery can’t be moved, some moves would be more expensive then buying a new state-of-the-art machine but no move of a station is for free.

So at all I agree with that point of more comfort by moving (upgraded) stations instead of demolish, rebuild and reupgrade a station.
But with the point of cost free movement I disagree.

Kind regards

Yes! I want to be able to move things that I have already payed for, with a small fee, if any.

I agree. this is the main reason why I want blueprints atm, but they would also be useful in the end game.

ok. so for a quick workaround lower the value 1.0 to 0.8 to simulate the cost of moving the stations.

i am sure cliff will add a move option as the game progresses.