Research Potential?

Good evening,

I was wondering how the Democracy 3 games are developed, in terms of understanding the underlying relationships between policies, effects in society, and the necessary political capital needed to implement those policies, and whether it’s occurred to anyone to make a version of this game for, say, an urban environment as a kind of control panel for a city government, or for more higher level governments?

I have a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Kentucky and a background in social science research. My interests are in learning how to make better policies that are effective at improving the real quality of life for people living in the society. I am presently working with StrangeLoop Games on their game, Eco, trying to figure out a way to collect data from some of the servers (opt in only) so that we can research economic, social, political, legal, and environmental dynamics in real time (check up on agent-based modeling to understand more about this).

I suppose the first step would be 1) figure out whether the underlying relationships are valid or not, 2) whether the platform can be successful integrated with real world data to create a kind of console for governments, 3) how to sell this mod as a serious tool for research and policymaking. The real question is finding adequate data on economies, societies, and polities to conduct research to see if the assumptions made in this game are valid. I don’t have a background in computer programming or science, unfortunately, but I am absolutely willing to collaborate with someone who does in order to bring the knowledge to light, and produce tools that could really add value to human societies and civil leaders.

I hope you all take care and have a pleasant evening/day! :slight_smile:


I am currently studying a bachelor’s in social science (development major) and intend to follow up with a graduate diploma in community development and since reading this I too see its potential.

Thank you!