Research-screen – no machine count visible.

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PS.: It seems that the count is visible only for few machine-types, and not all.

I can see the machine counts (in both the upgrade hover and the right panel) for all machines on windows platform, with the exception of the 4 makers. I don’t see counters for them.

Exactly the same here.

OK, so this is a complicated one. The chosen implementation is to do with the way research works at a code/data level and due to modding considerations.

Research projects aren’t really attached to a particular machine. Instead, a research project has a number of “yields” attached, one such possible yield is to “unlock machine X”. Due to this design, it’s possible for the research project to have nothing to do with the machine it unlocks or even for multiple machines to be unlocked by a single research project.

Given this, the question is “Where should the machine count go?” It can’t go on the research project itself due to the reasons above. If people modded the game to make multiple machines unlocked by a single project, which machine count would you show?

The only feasible option, to me at least, was to attach them to the upgrades themselves. But I didn’t feel like it was worth attaching them to all the upgrades. E.g. Shaker - “Maximum shifts in single shake (6 owned):” I didn’t see how adding the machine count was useful in this circumstance. Another example is the Pill Maker “Pill bonus (12 owned)”, I didn’t think it was so useful as you often have 2 pill makers per line, so it doesn’t really mean a bonus of value increase x number owned, it’s more like value increase x number of lines.

The only upgrade that I felt really warranted knowing the machine count is the process cost, so that’s the one it’s attached to. I hope that makes sense and you agree with my reasoning.

Well, I could see some value in know thing # of machines that are NOT process cost (like some of the upgrade changes in the makers), but agree process cost is the more important change (for knowing # owned), and given your explanation of the implementation mechanics, it makes sense and I’m fine with it.

I think technically you are saying that any item in that has an upgrade containing: “process_cost.X”,“change” will show the # owned.

I haven’t tested w/ a MOD but assume your implementation was done so that it (# owned) should show in mods too.

Maybe this could work for checking which machines are attached to a research project. I’m using “pseudocode” since I don’t know which programming language you are using.

Function Check_Machines_Attached (research_project) Array "Machines attached" For Each Yield in research_project If Yield unlocks machine? Add machine name/ID to "Machines attached" End For Return "Machines attached" End Function

Hope it helps!