Research should not be everything

This research thing is quite boring. Even for you. All we do is click on something to be researched because that is needed. I suggest you change that to contracts. Its far more realistic and more challenging too. So some company invented aircon and it will offer to supply you with a contract. You can opt to exclusivity for some time or just get the aircon. Of course in the next months or years the company will offer to competitors. (Actually at the same time, but not all competitors will fit an aircon in their cars as fast). If you buy exclusivity you have years of some advantage in that item.

Only when the item is universal (or the patent is gone) you will be allowed to make a factory of aircon and reduce your prices. Then the research enters.


  • Need to watch out for cash, because you need reserve to sign contracts or buy exclusivity. Right know I just but whatever and money comes.
  • Instead of this insane research all the time anything just to be ahead you will be more focused on the management side of it (money).
  • More items you put more expensive it is as you have to buy from suppliers and can only manufacture yourself when patent is off. In this case is not worth to put on all cars, because the cost might be higher than what you can charge for (what the consumer is willing to pay).

The supplier of the new technology can also make demands. For example: “my item can only be put on this type of car for now”. Which is a marketing strategy. You don’t want your new technology available everywhere because it removes the exclusivity and thus the price. So for some years the contract can say the aircon can only be put in sedans and SUV but not in compact cars even if you (player) wants.
Makes more realistic again, because if I want to put all tech in all cars I can and they will sell. When the patent is off and you manufacture yourself you can put it everywhere or keep exclusive as long as your competitors does it too.