Research tree modding investigations

I’ve made some investigation about the file. Concretely, about if it is possible to create more or less than 5 upgrade levels. Answer is yes, but let’s see it in action.

3 Upgrades

As we can see, it’s perfectly possible. However, the upgrade level indicator doesn’t fill the bottom of the panel.

7 Upgrades

This is less functional. We will only see up to 5 upgrades (the first ones). Also, upgrade panel won’t show when upgrading from level 5 to level 6, but will show again for further levels (level 6 to 7 and beyond)

Anyways, who wants to expend 64 upgrade points in just a single upgrade? Well, it could make sense if you “pack” all machines on a single research project, unlocking one for each level, and leave the Hadron collider for the end. Also, for non-linear improvements (at higher levels, greater improvements)

Null upgrades
It is possible to create “null” upgrades which will have no effect at all.

Not sure about it’s utility, but if done unproperly, it will show the effect of the previous upgrade.

That’s all by now.

[]Projects which requires more than 1 previous project researched for being able to research them.
]Projects which requires a previous project at a certain upgrade level for being able to research them.

Someone asked about this before and I don’t think it is possible.

It appears the “connection” allows an item to be researched, so it is either able to be researched if the incoming connection is unlocked, or it isn’t.
There doesn’t appear to be a way to introduce other dependencies (such as the upgrade level of other research items).