Hi all, please could another player answer the following two questions for me:

  1. Have you EVER seen competitors research anything that is NOT in the following list: power steering, autosteer headlights, cruise control,central locking, keyless entry, car alarm, air conditioning, heater, leather interior, sunroof, automatic windscreen wipers, in-car music? For instance, have you ever seen a competitor research anti-lock brakes or automatic headlights?
  2. Which store did you buy the game from?

I’m asking because I bought it from GOG and competitors are only ever researching features which cost 750 research points. This feels broken to me. I want to know whether it is an issue with the GOG version of the game. It would really help if another player could confirm whether they’ve seen different behaviour in a version they bought from (e.g.) Steam or Humble.

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