It is so annoying to have to reselect an object to repeat placing it down. If only there is a way to place it down more than once before you have to select a new object. This could help the user build faster and more efficient on a large project. Thanks.

I agree with you, objects shouldn’t be unselected after being placed, it should only be unselected if the player right clicks and another little annoyance is that you can’t cancel placing an object, player should have the option to keep the left click pressed and right click to cancel whatever they’re placing

shift or ctrl (i am pritty sure its shift) will let you place more of the same selected part.

Thanks! Although I don’t remember this is the tutorial. If its not then it should. I haven’t check the tutorial yet. Thanks again.

No probs. same in most games so i think i just tested to see if it worked.

Ive played this game since the beginning on humble bundle so back then there were no tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: