looking to adding interest income off Reserves Surplus.

Hoping too set interest income at the same level as national interest rates, but a base rate of between 1-5% would be acceptable as well.

Been unable to figure out how to be able to implement this mod and was wondering if anyone was able to help or give me some hints?

I would try doing a green situation that is affected by the Reserve/Debt.
But I’m not sure about a variable that reflects the “Reserve/Dept”

EDIT: did now look into the situations.txt and take a look on “Dept Crises”, this variables are used there:

Perhaps if using “effectivedept,0-(x^4)” as an input for the situation, it will only appear when there’s enough reserves.

This is an interesting idea, do you mind uploading if you get it to work? At the moment reserves really do seem limited in their use.