Reseting My History


Iv been playing the game for 5 days straight now and want to start from fresh.
Anyone know how to reset my history?

Will probably need to delete some save game files and ship design files but cant find them.

Anyone know?

all the games files are in
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles
renaming the whole folder will reset the game to a fresh install, although you need to put your username and code in again if you do that
Deleting sc.dat will reset your progress for each mission
Deleting unl.dat will reset your honor and unlocked items.

I did the same thing many times, the best part of the game is when you start from scratch and try to unlock as fast as possible by having smart battles with zero losses and small fleet. I was so sad when I unlocked everything and there was no story and sense of global conquest.

This game desperately needs a highly replayable campaign like Plants vs Zombies.

There’s a Tribe Cruiser on your laaaaaaawn~

I’m working as fast as I can…

Don’t work too hard though, if I had to choose between seeing a campain 3 months later or you working yourself into exhaustion I’d choose the later campain

I agree! I also believe that taking your time will surely resolve in a better health (both mental and physical ^_-) and a better GSB campaign!

take your time, im not in a (big) rush, and i am sure that taking your time w the campaign will be hte best way