Resetting the save data.

I’m interested in starting from scratch, as the updates have given me more honor point spending options and a chance to revamp my strategies.
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but I still have all the missions and unlockables at the same state as before. I’d like to know just where I need to go in order to reset the save data, perhaps there should be a profile system in the game to allow other people who use the same computer to play independent of each other or even just a reset option.

For now, if you just delete this folder: (or back it up)
MyDocuments\MyGames\Gratuitous Space Battles

That is like a fresh install

I’d really like a profile system, that would be a great aid. I have 2 other sons who want to play this as well! (and possibly no. 3 will to when he see’s a bit more of it) For now, just backing up the my games/GSB folder is helpful.

try creating them their own windows accounts…

you’ll find they magically have fresh play profiles