Resolution and dual-monitor problems

When running Redshirt in Windowed mode, every time the main menu is loaded (either because you’ve just launched the program or you’ve quit out of a game in progress and back to the main menu) the window is resized to the primary monitor resolution (minus the height of the taskbar) and placed in the centre of the screen. When also using a multi-monitor setup, the “centre of the screen” is interpreted as the centre of the entire desktop area, so with two monitors of the same size, the window gets placed right in between them. Half on one monitor, half on the other.

So, basically:

  1. In Windowed mode, the resolution settings aren’t being saved. They’re reset to the maximum window size of the primary display every time the main menu loads.
  2. The window is being unnecessarily repositioned and resized when quitting back to the main menu from a running game, which shouldn’t happen.
  3. The automatic positioning of the window doesn’t correctly take into account that the desktop area isn’t the same as the primary monitor area on multi-monitor setups.

For 1, obviously it needs to save the resolution settings, but I think it should also save any changes you make by manually resizing or repositioning the window. If I use the window handles to resize it to 1452x998 and position it at (100,24), it should save that and restore it when the program is launched. This would also help fix problems 2 and 3.

For 3, it’s a bit tricky. If you save the user’s chosen window position, for the most part this problem won’t matter, it’ll just be a wonky thing that happens the first time you run the game in windowed mode. But if you want to minimise wonkiness, it might be better for the first-run case to assume the user wants the window centred on their primary monitor. That’s probably what most people are going to want. And, in full screen mode, you might want to consider putting a dropdown to allow users with multiple monitors to choose which monitor they want it to be full screen on.

Also, this isn’t really a problem so much as a feature request, but how about changing from using exclusive fullscreen mode to borderless fullscreen? There aren’t any benefits to using exclusive fullscreen mode, all it does is make alt-tabbing slightly more inconvenient, and sometimes mess with other running programs. Plus, you’ll get a nice green checkmark in your PC Gaming Wiki writeup.

So, I installed the 0.7 beta and noticed this problem hasn’t been fixed yet. Seems like it’d be a pretty straightforward fix. Any plans to deal with it?

I should note, just so it’s not clear, the window is resized and repositioned every time the main menu displays, no matter what the reason. It’s not just when quitting out of a game back to the main menu, it’s also when backing out of character creation, as well.

Hi there – apologies, I’d somehow missed this thread originally!

I’ll do my best to solve these problems in the next update! Some of it I may not have explicit control over, as the game is developed in Unity, so that defines many of these behaviours. I’ll give it a shot, though. :slight_smile:

Hello there

Any news on this? I am also unable to play the game as the only resolution option spans accross both my monitors.

I was posting on the Steam forum:

But it seems not to be monitored by the Devs.