[RESOLVED] Belt refuses to move in any di...

This machine is merging from two condensers (A and B) to three chromatographs (1,2,3). The belt in red refuses to move in any direction no mater what order (or configuration, space given) I lay it in. Normally I’d merge the two lines before splitting back into three, but I was space limited here.

I see why this is likely happening - either direction could be correct in terms of heading towards inputs. I think this highlights a need for manually specifying belt directions for more complicated intersections like this. Can provide a save if it would be helpful, though I think this arrangement should be repeatable

But you CAN merge those two output lines into a single one, and then split them again for the printers - With the existing tiles right there.

The problem is your layout is not 100% deterministic. T-Junctions can only work if they know whether they are supposed to be a merger or a splitter. The line you’ve highlighted could run in either direction and the line would be valid. For this reason, it will not run at all :wink:

Can you not do this: (pardon the crudeness of my image edit! :wink: )

I like how the arrows on the belts show, in which direction it will move and therefor show where an error happens.

Funny that I didn’t notice this in game but now on the screenshots and this really helps finding faulty belt movement.

Awesome work Tim!

No, this arrangement has the exact same problem (because it is ambiguous).

This is exactly my point - and is the bug/problem I am reporting. I appreciate if you do not think this is worth addressing currently (I would have easily avoided it here with more space) but such ambiguous cases should allow the player to specify the direction rather than simply not working at all.