[Resolved] Missing shield support beam files

I had a crash during the campaign. The error message stated a shield support beam error. So I checked my files and the design screen in game, and the shield support beam was gone!

I updated from V1.37 to V1.38 and installed the campaign expansion.

What is the folder ‘olddata’? It has 100 folders and no files. Can it be deleted? And why does the V1.38 patch contain 202 folders and only 3 files (gsb.exe, strings.ini, debris.dds) + two uninstall files and a readme.txt? Is a progressive patching required? The V1.38 patch doesn’t contain the shield support beam module data, for example.

Oh, and you left a .sfk file in your campaign music folder when packaging the campaign for release.

Lastly, I deleted my campaign and started a new one. The same ‘Stormbringer Fleet’ was present at the planet I attacked - so the game crashed again. If I start a new campaign, shouldn’t the fleets randomise again?

—Users reinstalling the latest game version with V1.48 integrated will no longer have a problem with a missing shield support beam module.—

The campaign requires version 1.48, if you don’t have that version, nothing whatsoever is going to work correctly. If I was you, I’d uninstall everything and re-install the latest version.

I am running 1.48 and have myself encountered this bug (though only once).

I got the numbers wrong. I meant V1.47 and V1.48.

Playing the campaign is impossible without updating anyway, as the updater runs every time the game is run and campaign requires online access.

I’m presuming that the ‘olddata’ folder is a screw up in making the latest patch and can be deleted safely.

Yes thats a mistake

I’ve gotten it too :frowning:
I hit the glitch every time the game resets from a crash
Oh well lol Time to start a new campaign.