[RESOLVED] Why doesn't my Multimixer work?

Hi there,
I’m not sure why my Multimixer doesn’t work correctly. I had other games where I got the new product with the parts I wanted, but in this case it doesn’t matter if I toggle the base. The old ingredients stay the same, just with a different look (depends on the toggle base option).

Am I missing something I may have done unknowledgeable in previous games and what I need to do now?

Maybe you have any hints for me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The mixer takes the ingredients from the BASE ingredient and puts those on top of the ones in the receiving ingredient. So if both ingredients have all four slots filled already, you’re literally just turning it into whatever the BASE ingredient was before.

The trick is to use ingredients with blank slots as the base, mix the other ingredients so the thing you want to combine is in that slot, and then mix them.

(Numbers are slots)

Base Ingredient.

  1. Causes hallucinations
  2. Causes Migraines
    3. Blank Spot
    4. Cures Common Cold (Upgrade needs Catalyst)

Other Ingredient (The receiving ingredient)

  1. Painkiller
  2. Runny Nose (Side Effect)
    3. Causes Nightmares (Catalyst)
  3. Causes Fever

The result will be the following.

  1. Causes hallucinations
  2. Causes Migraines
    3. Causes Nightmares (Catalyst)
  3. Cures Common Cold (Upgrade needs Catalyst)

Oh gosh, of course there has to be a blank spot. Sometimes I’m such a fool…

Thanks :slight_smile: