Resource Importer UI and Priority/Filter and upgrade for Supply Stockpile

I’d like to suggest a ‘Priority’ option for importers, as sometimes networks have multiple, and I’d like to have the ability to say “This one supplies whatever first” and the other importers are set to ‘import when the higher priority is backlogged n% of the time’

Another option I’d like to see is having the ability to limit what can come in via the importer with the following settings:

  • Unmanufacturable - Items which you cannot create, like servos.
  • Resources - Rubber, glass, steel
  • Backlogged Manufacturable - Relieve pressure on your manufacturing part lines by allowing items to flow in that you have the equipment to make but they’re just not cutting it.
  • Any - What it says on the tin.

Another option I’d like is to use a stockpile as a buffer/isolation between stocklines by having an upgrade that sets the diagonal square from the default resource interface as another resource interface. That way you can separate the Resource Importers from manufacturing and installers, having finer control over what flows where through the Stockpile Interface.