Resource importers


Why does having more than one resource importers seem to cripple me? If I have 1 it copes but some areas still cant get resources quick enough and are causing delay. So my logic would be add another importer to take some pressure of importing resources. So now you should have same amount of resources being imported but over two importers. But when I do this my money just free falls. I am pretty new to this game and enjoy it but this seems to get me.


You are still in the early stages of your factory?

From my understanding of the game:

Resource Importers put the material on the overhead conveyer one at a time. For each item it takes a certain amount of time to do that.
It is possible to improve that timedelay through research.
Material/Parts that are imported cost $ for each item arriving inside your factory.

If you have 3, 5, 10, 15 cars still in your factory in various stages of assembly they cannot be sold. That can only happen from the showroom. Nevertheless you have to pay for the parts upfront…

If you build a lot of production slots early on the one importer cannot handle the demand from the production slots and the material gets cued “outside” your factory. On the other side it doesn’t cost as much because the backlog in parts isn’t bought yet, only queued. Production slots will still produce, but at a slower rate, depending on arrival of material. In the meantime you can sell your first cars and establish hopefully a small, but basic income.

If you add a second importer from the other side you can now import and buy approx. double the parts.
you have to pay for those parts long before the car gets sold!

Why does this happen?
Production slots try to have a minimum stock of material to build as fast as possible. If you give that stock the option to fill to the desired state through adding a second importer all your production slots try to reach those stockpile numbers faster…
you have to pay for the parts BEFORE you can sell you cars.

Basically it is a small spike before imports go back to normal and you cash flow starts to normalize…
Upside is that after putting down the second, third, fourth importer your production slots might start producing faster because their stockpile is always filled to a point where they can just produce and new material arrives just in time (or a little bit before) for the next step/vehicle. You can reduce the “wait for ressources”-delay that way.

I hope everything is correct that I wrote and it helps a bit…


Yup, thats a great explanation :smiley:
I should someday add some stats showing you the total value of the resource stock you are holding in your factory…