Resource logistics

It would be nice to be able to not connect up overhead lines, similar to how conveyer belts work, to allow more compact layouts in places you don’t want them mixing (i.e. when clearing up bottlenecking importers or when setting up in-house part production).

So instead of;

[code]+ + + + +

        • +[/code]

----- -----

with no resources jumping between the two tracks there is no worry about the wrong importer being used and one importer taking far too higher load just because it is closer. Current solution is to leave a tile gap, however some of the part producers have their imports and exports possitioned such that this requires a two tile gap to prevent unintended bridges between the importer side and the produced parts side.

Maybe have it researchable? Techs for more intricate options for logitics would be neat.

2ND This would be good allow us to connect them if we want them to be connected

I’ll 3RD this! Both conveyor types should work the same in that you only connect the pieces that you have specifically drawn to be linked.

Good idea. What I would like is things such as one way conveyor tracks and filtered tracks.

Basically the things that allow you to control the nitty-gritty of the flow.

Completely agree it should belike this!