Resource traffic & efficiency

i built lots of storages/stockpiles neighbouring slots, for rapid resourcing.

but it does not!

for example,

screenshot 1: “Fit Lights” slot waiting for resources (and waits!!! waits waits waits)
screenshot 2: but neighbour stockpile doesn’t feed that slot, altough it has necessary resources



Are the items in the supply stockpile imported? (you can hover the mouse over them to check) if so, ‘prefer local’ will mean that the slot gets those locally produced items even if they are much further away. prefer local literally means ‘use local unless I have absolutely no other option’.

Cliffski, how about a research tech to default all settings to Prefer Local?

That does seem more like a game option than a researchable tech to me. I have lots of extra tech in mind and dont want the tree to get out of control :smiley: