Resources for modders

It occurs to me that there is no thread with all the tutorials, icons, modlist, and freely available content (such as weapon files and ship textures) to help fledgling modders get underway. I’ll add my GIMP damage tutorial and a list of some of the things you can play with in the module files tomorrow.

[size=150]Tutorials and guides[/size]
Modding 101- go here if you are new to modding period, or prior to asking a question. thank you.
Clifski’s damage guide in which he details how the damage textures where made for the vanilla GSB ships.
[size=150]Ship Sprites[/size]
[size=85]please give credit to the original author. thank you.[/size]
Eich’s wonderful creations

Mechanis’s stuff

some thing that may not be immediately apparent:
you can add payloads to anything, not just missiles.
setting things to consume negative power actually works so if you want a power generator that adds armor, for example, you can make it from a armor module.
if you notice a weapon you copy-modified isn’t firing to it’s full range, check for the ‘optimum_range = XXX’ variable, as removing it will cause ships to fire at long range.
Has_splines will make a missle travel like a rocket (like the cruiser rocket launcher weapon) but decoys will not have the cool black traily exhaust thingy.

Ummmmm, hello? The sticky at the top of this very same forum for the last six weeks? :smiley:

About the ship textures… ¿? i dont know wat u mean, if u want the original textures of the game, there they are , u only need to buy the game…

I think he means these sprites. They are free to use for any modder in the need of cool ships. I don’t remember now if there were more lying around the modding forum.

yes, exactly like Eich’s ships. custom DDSs that people have put out on the forum for others to use.
Thanks for the link.

[size=150]GIMP Damage texture tutorial[/size]

First, create your ship texture, and load into GIMP. For this I’m using one of Eich’s Alliance ships.

second, create a new layer to work in:

now select one of the fuzzy circular brushes and add your ‘burnt’ edging.

Now, select the ‘sparks’ brush and set its size to 0.09:

I recommend zooming to 200% for now.

use the sparks tool to add center flamey bits:

and you are done! note that I used the ‘sand dunes’ brush, painted orange, to tidy up the large area at the rear of the ship. all that remains is to merge down the layers (Merge Visible Layers, in the ‘image’ menu) and save, and you can put it ingame! alternately, if you don’t feel like making your own go here and you can grab some damage splots from Cliffski, who we must always thank for this game.

Well, thats another way to make the dmg textures, but honestly, they look not well as damage textures. The best way to make dmg textures is, first to have a brush with dmg texture (yes of course, this is the hard part but u can easily get a dmg brush googling a bit or from the forum). The second step, just paint the dmg brush wherever u want, and add a fuzzy circle effect with opacity at 52 surrounding the dmg brush. Thats it, u dont need to create a new layer, for example :wink: