Restaurant types.

What are the main differences between HIP and MIDRANGE?

The .csv files don’t indicate that one necessarily is pricier than the other within categories even in the original configuration.

I’m not sure about the exact details of the coding, but I think it basically breaks down into a “social status” type of thing.

For a hip (more classy, popular resturaunt), you need to have a higher paying job/more kudos/higher culture/a lot of friends/etc., than you would need for a midrange resturaunt.

I’m not sure which of these it takes into account, or what percentage you need of each in order to qualify, but I know that a lot of resturaunts, until I’m more cultured and successful at work, will usually say “Are you kidding, this isn’t McDonalds!” type of a thing.

HIP is definitely harder to get into. That doesn’t automatically mean more expensive, just more trendy, with associated kudos implicaions