Retirement Age and Interests

Hi there,

I had been running a country for so long that the retirement population is nearing 80%. Anyway we can set the retirement age to change this situation?

Also, I had been managed to maintain a surplus in my budget and made a huge surplus. Besides using it to cut taxes, any chances I can get some interest out of it?

This had been discussed (the interest) currently the game does not pay any ;(
Im not sure how yu have managed to get 80% of people retired. you mean you have changed the membership of the retired group?
I dont recall that being possible. I might have forgotten it though :smiley:

yeah it’s definately the case, after you run about 12 elecections retirment goes up the wazoo. Then you can stay in power indefinately by maxing retirement benefits.

As an aside, is there a way to continually grow the GDP. After a while it just hits a limit.

GDP can’t go above 100% if that’s what you mean, and I think there is a limiting force that makes it struggle to reach that.

I guess it’s a bit complex to model a growing country, but it would definately be something for the future.

I too have many retired people… 76%, actually. I doubt this is normal

People forget to die apparently lol! :unamused:

lol. Yeah I noticed that. In another playthrough I purposely removed tax on Tobacco and decided not to regulate children’s food just to thin out the retirement herd. :smiley: I think I even let the people smoke pot. I was desperate to bring down that retired population. But yeah it’s better to let them be all retired so that you can just give them their pension and they’ll be happy.