Retribution "replay" option

I just started playing 2 days ago, so maybe this is possible, and I just havent figured it out yet:

I would like to see how a retribution fleet beat my fleet in a sort of “replay” (I know it wont be an exact replay- things may turn out differently). Simple as that.

The thing is, the only way I can do it now is to already have my original challenge fleet saved as a deployment, and then figure out which saved deployment is actually the one he beat (those numbers are the only clunky way to know, and having to close retribution windows all the way out to check different challenges makes those numbers near impossible to keep track of/cross link to… barring ye oldeschool pen and paper), and if I did NOT save that deployment… then theres simply no way to have the original matchup :frowning:

There really should be a retribution “witness the defeat” button, where both sides are set up, according to the original challenge.

a “starcraft like” replay system would be great but i think it will be hard to do.

I just would like a linked/saved state of my original challenge in the retribution, so that I can just click and watch the battle with both sides preset… rather than having to figure out which of my many challenges was the originating force to battle.

Its this lack of cross referencing (or is it termed back story?) that makes the multiplayer challenges, messages, and retributions so empty and 1 sided… sure you beat me with those 3 frigates, but WHICH of my frigate battle challenge/retribution did they BEAT?!? do I REALLY have to flip through my own posted challenges/retributions for the #######… and open it to see my originating list? oh wait! I cant do that either, as loading my own challenge will merely set them as my opponent, and NOT give me the data I need, that I originally put out there, NOR will it let me put that challenge and the retribution responce on the same table to fight each other!

See? there is this missing data in the whole multiplayer experience. Similar to that, I get a message to my message board “ah ha!! there we go, got ya!”… but have NO idea which challenge, what retribution… or even what victory they are talking about as part of that message!!

Something as simple as a cross references link to the origin of these messages and retributions… other than some 10 digit number that may or may not even be included in a taunt reply, would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I’m too busy posting challenges and addressing retributions, and maybe I dont save deployment setups for each potential challenge retribution I post… but I shouldnt be left completely in the dark for doing so.

GREAT idea. I’ve been dueling with this Calaban guy, lots of different challenges, but I can rarely tell what fleet fought what. Some better way of linking challenge-sequence fleets would be great.