Return-To-Sender bug

Cliff, thanks for the new patch and the cool features!

Today I tested one of them, and created some RTS modules. I found a small but not insignificant bug:

When the missile gets scrambled and returned to the sender, it should re-calculate if the missile will hit or not (based on target speed, missile tracking speed and target painter). It does not. Instead it takes the old value.

Test case 1:
Fleet of fast fighters with RTS modules vs. some enemy missile cruisers.
Result: The returned missiles never hit the enemy cruisers.

Test case 2:
Fleet of immobile cruisers with RTS modules vs. the same enemy missile cruisers.
Result: The returned missiles always hit the enemy cruisers.

I have made my own tests and i’ve noticed that before start testing with fighters, that is why i will not make RTS modules for fighters.

Hmm, i want to test the RTS capabilites (when my steam updates, i hope soon), but i have a silly question… how does the RTS works?? i mean, in the txt file?? and wat implies the RTS capability??

And i know this is off-topic but , are the AOE weapons working? (or i guess this is unknown until the next DLC).

Looking at the code you one have to add a few code lines, and looking at it as a player, i mean in game, you can see the incoming enemy missiles that are hit for the RTS Weapon and then the missiles make a long spin (due the low turning speed of the vainilla missiles) and then moves toward the enemy who fired it.

About the AOE weapons, they are just laser based bullets that when hits and enemy makes a small shockwave that damages everything inside the AOE range that you can determinate in the code. Works a bit weird when you make bigger the AOE damage range because you cant see from were comes the damage.
It’s a lot less than i’ve expected, cuz i also wanted to change the shockwave effect, oh well, at least now we have AOE.

I see, so the RTS-modules will work best with immobile tanks…
I did not know whether this post belongs in the forum Support, Modding or Suggestions. But my opinion is that it is a bug.

a ecm module??? thats weird… lol.

So, the missiles basically go away and return to hit the sender ship?? well, thats cool, wat if the second ship is equipped with RTS too?? the missiles turn away again?? as i read in the first post, it seems that they always hit even if u have RTS too…

And… i suposse it doesnt but… is the AOE weapon affecting the owner ship?? if u shot a AOE weapon very close to the target… the AOE doesnt affect your own ship??

cuz if its not, that is a bit weird and silly … :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course, wat limits came with the AOE weapon ?? (cuz the AOE weapon MUST have some limitations, other wise we are going to use always AOE weapons…).

Exactly right. What else did you think “return to sender” meant in this context??? We’ve been discussing this since late July, you know. :stuck_out_tongue: This thread has it all.

A missile that’s been RTS’d can only receive that effect once. Therefore, you can never bounce missiles back and forth endlessly between two opposing RTS-equipped ships.

Yes, AOE damage definitely does affect your own units. I playtested a variation of an existing weapon by adding AOE to it. Results? I blew away half of my own front-line frigates! Holy crap, that shocked me. Helped me lose the battle too, of course.

Now you know what happened to me when I abused the AOE capability. That’s a major danger of this new damage interaction. It definitely counts as a “limitation,” believe me. :0

If a player builds a stupidly huge anti-ship weapon with an AOE capability, the game’s erratic AI can easily have this super-gun accidentally lock-on to an incoming enemy fighter squadron instead of an enemy frigate or cruiser. If this happens when the enemy fighters are close to your own formation, the targeting error will mean that the fighters get blown away in seconds but all of your nearby ships also take damage, too! And the faster you had designed the fire interval for that weapon, the worse that the “collateral damage” is going to be for your fleet!

It’s a lot like someone trying to perform an assassination while in a restaurant with the victim – however, the assassin’s weapon of choice was a flamethrower or an RPG launcher. You’re not going to walk away uninjured from that mistake… O.o

Therefore, I can say: no, we’re not going to always use AOE weapons.

Sounds like maybe an option to develop for my glass-cannon frigates with the idiot captains who always zoom way out in front and get butchered because there’s no nearby support. “Fine, you want to run out and get killed? Have some guns that won’t hurt the rest of us because you’re way out there.”