Revamp the upgrade mechanics!

Disclaimer: I did not buy or play this game yet. But I watched a bunch of youtube videos about it.

The upgrade mechanics on stations seem to be a bit odd.

Look at this guy:


He keeps upgrading constantly and it seems a bit of a hassle. Also he is upgrading everything on every station. Which in turn will add a “sun roof” to EVERY future car?!

You can only make one type of car in that station until you destroy and rebuild it.

Right now the game seems to only be focused on making one model at a time. What if I want to make a budget model once you already made a luxury model? If you upgraded a station once it will produce “sun roofs” forever on all cars that pass through, and you can’t shut it off! You will have to rebuild that station to remove the sun roof upgrade and rebuy the robots. This is not realistic.


You build stations, you upgrade them to have the ABILITY to construct things but you are not forced using a checkbox toggle. This allows the player to toggle “sun roof” on certain station to add a luxury feature or not. If the “sun roof” becomes the hit and miss of my car selling I would want to remove it in a future model but not rebuild the entire chain.

It would be more fun of a game if you can not just push out Ferraris and make bank. But have to rely on having different type of models. Budget, Luxury, Sports car etc. to survive economically. This would be more of a challenge.


Yeah the market funktions right now are not final. its a random “buy or no buy” function. i am sure cliff will add the vehicle build guy that has been requested over and over. but as of now, build 1-3 stations and put diffrent upgrades on them, this allows you to build options (ALOT of options)