Review on GameZebo

It’s generally favorable, and you can read it here. Though I think it misses fire on a number of points, and I’ve no idea what “Somewhat shoddy presentation” means. Perhaps it required a video intro starring Paris Hilton?

Probably it means that there aren’t enough cutscenes and flashy effects. Personally I like the clean and sleek look of the game. Less is more.

I think the graphics are really pretty frikin nice for a game of that size/’‘budget’’.

I mean, the fire and smoke effect are really nice for a 25megs game, the skin of the various ‘‘Stage show’’ objets are detailled and good-looking, everything is of high quality for a low-gfx game.

It’s not a full 3D game with HDR effect running at 1600x1200 with 16 anisatropic but who care, it’s the best you can get for THIS kind of game.

The interface is pretty good too, easy to manipulate, it does the job with ease and manage to look good while doing it.

Honestly, I don’t know what the ‘‘shoddy presentation’’ can possibly mean, the only thing I didn’t like in all the game as far as gfx go is the FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH effect from newspaper interview, but then it’s possible to skip it really fast, so it never bothered me THAT much…

Absolute agreement. I personally loathe game videos, knowing they tie up resources that might better be spent improving the gameplay rather than providing something completely non-interactive. Dress up a menu, and I’m happy. :smiley: So Positech’s strategy titles are great, and one of my all-time favorite RPGs is A-Sharp’s King of Dragon Pass.