Revise Nuclear Weapons/Energy Expenditure (Case By Case Basis)?

The US has 651 deployed SLBMs, ICBMs and Heavy Bombers, 1357 deployed warheads in total and 800 launchers of all types as according to the New Start Treaty Statistics for 2021.

04-01-2020-March-NST-FACTSHEET-Public-Release-of-Aggregate-Data_final.pdf (

It is aiming to spend $1-1.2 trillion out to 2040 to upgrade said weapons systems.

CBO-PR-10-31-17 (

It has the National Nuclear Security Administration which is in charge of taking care of the nukes and dismantling them. Its budget is $19.8 billion.

National Nuclear Security Administration - Wikipedia

Not to mention the money which the DOE spends on nuclear research, certainly nuclear expenditure should probably be skewed upwards. Technology research should reduce Nukes & Nuclear Energy Costs?

Orbital Bombers should crater foreign relations as the Outer Space Treaty (1967) prohibits any WMDs in Space.

Outer Space Treaty - Wikipedia

Other countries’ values would be different.

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