Revolutionary! spore to GSB!!!

ive figured out a way to make spore creations into GSB ships!



things you need:

-Spore and galactic adventures
-any image editor (PS,gimp,paint)

im gonna make a video tutorial on how to do, if you guys want :slight_smile:


But is galactic adventures necessary? :S

if you want a direct top view, yes

you cant get to the top in the editor…

plus, you want to get a one colored backround that can only be done with planet coloring in adventure editor.

Finally!! someone noticed that!! ^^


GA is pretty cheap right now, i got mine for 9 bucks :slight_smile:

If you make that video I’ll be happy to link to it from the GSBEdit website tutorials section.

alright, fraps were kinda glichin on me when i started the game so i had to do it in screenshot mode.

and i have a swedish version of spore, so all the text ingame will be in swedish.
but i think you will get it…

step one: build the ship you want.

step two: open the adventure editor and make it as smoothe as possible by using this tool

step three: paint the entire planet white if you have a dark ship and black if you have a bright ship (EDIT: actually, i found that a black planet works better in almost any case…)

step four: select a blue gate:

I’m a povo asian perv… No Spore for me. That is all.

step five: edit the properties of the gate and make it “desguised”

step six: select the ship you made earlier.

step seven: place the desguised blue gate in the world and make it as large as possible.image

step eight: move the ship high up in the air (by holding ctrl) and possition the camera to be as close to the ship as possible. make shure that the ground is entirely white (or black)

step nine: take a screenshot while having the hammer selected.

step ten: select the planet tool and take another screenshot.

will post a video on what to do in soon but for now i can try to explain in words.
EDIT: youtube lnik

open the first screenshot you took (with hammer selected)

then open the second screenshot (with the planet) as a new layer.

remove half of the second layer so the you see your entire ship clearly.

then erase all of the gui stuff that is at the top and bottom.

merge the two layers

select the “magic wand tool” and erase all of the white behind the ship.

resize, rotate and possition the ship.

and Boom youre done!

seems overly complicated, but it takes at a maximum of 15 minutes to do (depending on your computer speed)

its recomended that you turn the graphics settings to highest, so that you get a prettier ship.


You guys are telling me I shouldn’t have uninstalled my copy of Spore and threw it in a dark corner two weeks after day one buy thanks to its DRM?

I hate you EA.

I must try this without GA :S
The problem is finding it. There are no computer stores for mac in my town, nearest mac store where they sell games is like 2 hours away, and idk when I have time for that.

The other solution is to create your ship vertically, and put a ultra large black block behind.

It is how I’ve done, cause my GA have a big white bug…

Cool tutorial man thanks allot!!!

youre welcomme :slight_smile: