Rework fix rate display & upgrades coming

Yesterday I found time to add GUI to display the defect fix rate (also spot rate…) for re-work stations, and also get a new upgrade done for rework & visual inspection.

How far do you intend to let us research the percentage too?

Surely there has to be a general finish point in the 90’s and then an extra one with a finish point at like 99.5% or something really high, so like Rolls Royce Class but it requires a stupid amount of research like 20,000 or something just to make it more difficult to get.

Also have you thought about achievements for quality? So you get an achievement for like 99% of the vehicles being fault free for a 12hr period or something along those lines? Could definitely play around with those and get varying stages of quality achievement.

Loving the upgrade. And yes, an achievement would be awesome Cliffski