Rich Tax

Ive been playing the game for a bit, and it seems that there is only an overall tax, so i cant set individual tax rates for low-medium-high income earners? would it be possible to set up a mod for this or any other way around it?

Regards Nick.

That would be a great idea.

I agree, I posted something similar a few days ago:

And it’s been posted as an idea in the feedback thread (scroll to the bottom)

To quote myself from elsewhere I’d be happy with a slider system that changed the ratio of poor-middle-rich income.

This forum needs a thumbs up/down button so I don’t have to make a post to say this, but +1 for making it a slider bar. I’d actually thought of that myself, and am glad to see it’s already getting posted by others.

Are you suggesting a slider that let’s you personally change the amount of tax the rich/middle class and poor will all pay? That’s a freaking excellent idea =] Definitely agreeing with this one.

Right now your best option here is the luxury goods tax and the mansion tax, both of which equate to a tax on the rich. Capital gains tax is also mainly paid by the rich.

Whilst true neither of those are progressive taxation systems for income tax which people (understandably as pretty much every country uses it) want to experiment with.

Yeah, played around with both of these, and its better than nothing.

I’m glad everyone (that posted at least) seems to like this, would it be possible to add this in as a mod? I’m sure everyone has a list of things that they would love to see in the game, maybe we could setup some kind of list that everyone here could vote for?

also Phusa, if i had seen your topic I would have just posted this there, didn’t mean to take your idea!

The problem with the luxury tax and the mansion tax etc are the effect on the retired community. The slider would be excellent in getting around making pensioners pay way to much money and even younger people who inherited mansions but have little income themselves. The luxury and mansion tax etc would be fine if they ONLY affected the rich and the problem with all tax is that the rich don’t miss it and the poor suffer.

I prefer to increase corporation tax but again this has so many negative effects and higher taxes for corporations NEVER mean the rich are being taxed more these taxes affect prices for the consumer and pay for employees - never corporate big shots and these are the people I want to target. I also don’t want the rich targeted so much that they go else where and having both of those taxes plus corporation tax in my experience leads to them moving away.

It is a very easy thing to do if someone wanted to implement a modded ‘rich tax’ that only affects the wealthy. The only reason it is not already in the game as an option was so that the ‘vanilla’ game was not so complex it put people off playing.