Rider Bug?

Hi All,

I noticed tonight when playing that my band started asking for better food so I bought the better rider. I then got rid of the old rider and now they complain that there is no food at all. Is this a bug or do I need to buy both?




Actually while I’m here :stuck_out_tongue: I’m getting sound issues too. Sound will work and then make a few crackles and I get nothing at all until the menu music starts again. I tried turning off the menu music but then I get no sound at all. I have all the up to date drivers for my system, and there are no third party drivers.

Any clues?

The thing about the rider, this is a known thing. Everybody has this problem, cliffski knows about it and probably will correct it in the upcoming patch. Until then, if you have the ‘cheap’ rider then you upgrade because they want the ‘luxury’ rider, do that but don’t get rid of the cheaper model. Works the same way with all the other stuff (if you have the cheap synthesizer, don’t get rid of it once you get the ‘Tone Tech’. Same with guitars, bass, lights, pyro etc…)


Great, I’m glad you’re experiencing this same issue. (now I know it’s not just my own rubbish instrument :slight_smile:)

This is now obviously size=84[/size] a ‘known issue’ that may be addressed in the future.

Be prepared to have a much better game after cliffski releases the patch. This is what happened with ‘Kudos’, upon release everybody in the forum said “here’s a bug”, “there’s a bug” and “could you implement this feature?” then the first patch came and the game was much more betterish.

Cool, thanks for that. I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 5.1 if that’s any help too. And I have to admit, while my ‘instrument’ (LMFAO I just called my computer an instrument) isn’t the best out there it is no slouch either. So I figured it may be a bug.

Cheers again


Nice card.

I’m currently using my old slow rig [size=84](AthlonXP 1700, 1g RAM, GeForce FX5200, SoundBlaster Live! (value))[/size]
'cause my favored ‘instrument’ is in the shop [size=84](actually over there on the floor awaiting my motivation)
I just got a sweet new GFX card for that one [size=84](eVGA 7800GS, prob’ly the last great AGP)[/size]
and honestly I don’t know what’s stopping me from putting that together.
[size=84](probably it has something to do with Kudos Rock Legend)[/size]

Yeah I’m one of those single income, married with 2 kids people whose ‘instrument’ doesn’t get the love lavished uponit that it truely deserves. at the moment I have:

Athlon XP2600
ATI 9600 256mb AGP
SB Audigy 5.1
168mb RAM
160gig HD

I dearly need more RAM, well, realisticaly I need a whole new system but hey, see the start of my post :wink:

holy cow you need more RAM, but then I’m lucky enough to put my PC on expenses :smiley: so I have 2 gigs :smiley:.
The rider bug will be fixed in the next patch. The sound issues are a bit worrying though. There must be some driver option you can fiddle with. some drivers allow you to toggle effects like ultra bass effects etc on and off. I always turn all ‘extra’ effects off and let my sound driver just act like a sound driver, that tends to minimize compatibility problems with games.

I think I’m running pretty much ‘normal’ I’ll check and let you know how it goes.