Right Click to Delete

I would not have the Right Click to Delete always active as it’s way to easy to delete something without meaning to, especially since there is no confirmation before the item is deleted. I would remove the functionality and leave the Delete to the Demolish function. I would also create a new option with the Demolish to ONLY delete conveyors versus other slots and maybe put up a Delete Confirmation for non conveyor slots. That way you don’t delete an expensive slot when you don’t want to.

On a related note, I would like the drag function moved to the right mouse button. I keep having to hunt for spare spots on the screen to quick drag because it always thinks i’m clicking on something.

Hi all
what a good idea.

Also think you should make the Right-Click a Menu selection that includes moving, deleting, editing, etc.

And in the editing dialog allow for the tile placement editing, which also would mean allow for saving those changes. Then we can select which version of the object we want to display.

Hold down the shift when in delete mode to just remove conveyors.

I like the right click delete personally, so maybe make it a game option to turn on or off. I’m also one of those weird old gamers who always is inverting the Y axis on shooters. Plus I use the cursor keys to move the map.

Maybe the Resource Conveyor could be highlighted in a similar way to other items? That way we wouldn’t inadvertently delete an entire Assembler by mistake!

I agree. The right click delete has resulted in far to many accidental deletes.

To add: option to remove a selected area.