Road Test track/area and other suggestions

Hi, Just recently got this and I already think it’s great, but I apologize if these suggestions have already been made or implemented, just a few things I think would be cool in the game.

Road and Crash test areas
There is already quality control but this could be expanded where a certain number of cars have to go to a crash test lab to be given a safety rating which would influence on the reputation of the vehicle. There could also be an area with a dynamometer or small track which would test suspension, performance etc. Which would also effect the vehicles rating/reputation/ price.

Companies and Competition
It would be nice if you could actually name your car brand, with either a custom logo or chose from a selection of pre-made logos. Also to see what your competitors names are and from this you could also check what sort of cars they are producing and how well they sell so you can have more direct competition with them.

Staff and specialists
Although it says in future updates that staff will be replaced by robots maybe another tycoon factor could be the level of staff employed or even employing individual staff which all would have their own efficiency levels. You could also have specialist researchers or mechanics who would boost research times or speed up fitting times. There could even be staffing problems like strikes and wages to contend with.

Development of cars
As time goes on the development of the vehicles could change. This would mean the cars would start off as boxy vehicles with poor MPG to more sleek designs and maybe more futuristic looking cars.

As i said, ive just been pkaying for a short amount of time and these are only my opinions. Whatever happens I look forward to playing this game as it’s really fun and with huge potential. :slight_smile: