Rock legend wont launch

I just downloaded the demo and when I go to launch it I get the error message D3D Engine Error please check publishers website for tech support Details:[SetDisplayMode]
I am running windows xp and I have updated drivers on my NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 video card. I even re downloaded the game from yahoo and get the same message. What can I do because this sounds like an great game and would love to check it out and maybe purchase it.

that’s very unusual. you could try the ‘compatibility mode’ options (right click the games icon), but it should definitely run ok. Is your windows desktop set to 32 bit color? if not you might try that, and making sure your resolution is 1024 by 768 or higher might help too.

I have my screen res at 1280 X 720 and on what version of windows do I run the comp. The compatibility mode didnt work but I switched the display settings in the game to run at 640 X 480 and it did launch. Thanks for your help.

Well as I said I got it to launch but now I cant see the whole screen so I still cant play it. Oh well I guess it was worth a try.

Hi, the game fixes it’s res to 1024 by 768, so you have to have a PC that can display that resolution to run the game properly.

wonderful! thanks for the info…

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i am looking some thing in the server’s startup command line option by which server will restart by itself.
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Hey, I’m getting the same problem. I tried doing the stuff suggested and I’m still getting that D3D error, can someone please help me?

hi hero, is your problem has been fixed… because i have the same problem with you too…