Rock Paper Shotgun discusses GSB

You people might appreciate this: … -prattles/

Cool to see people talking about this great game in the making. While it may not have been a great review bad publicity is better than no publicity. Hopfully this attracts more people to the game.

They were a little critical, but then some of the people on the forum are too… glances around nervously

But they understood it, which is important. They saw the game, liked the idea, tried it out, and found some things that could be better. I also noticed the fleet diversity issue myself, and will probably do some long-winded and detailed write-up on the topic eventually. That’s how the game is going to improve, and why it’s in an extended Beta. It’s not a great game (yet), but right now the fun part of the game is not playing so much as it is thinking about what can be added and fixed and polished.

I thought the writeup was a pretty accurate representation of my first day playing the game as well. I didn’t feel they were unfairly critical and in fact seemed to be a ‘good’ writeup to me in that they spent the time to be that in depth is a good sign. One mentioned the game being easy while the other thought it was hard which leads to a balanced writeup in a lot of ways.

The first time I played the game a few days ago it also took me like 5-6 tries to beat the first scenario.

I’ve really been enjoying the game though and have been digging through these forums and playing some challenges. I hope to be able to offer my small tidbits of feedback too to help this game as much as possible.

i’ve discussed gsb with a couple of friends - and yes. the initial scenario was a big sticking point. one took many attempts, and got through it (by building new ships mounting everything that ‘sounded cool’)… the other one thought it was a beautiful game, but had sidelined it due to the tutorial failure/clunky (far too many clicks/mouse distance) UI. he hadn’t beaten the first scenario.

They seem to think it was far more difficult than I found it. Interesting.

If you don’t figure out the ship combinations that are a lot more powerful than the rest then it can take quite a number of attempts (at first) to get a fleet together that beats mission 1 with more than 1000 honour.

My initial experience was more in the ‘far too easy’ camp.

Once I’d worked out that I just need to spam loads of big f**k-off cruisers, the next few levels were trivial. The first level I had any problems with was the Chaos Nebula, at which point the game begins to get interesting again. But I have faith in Cliffski to balance things up before the final release!

It seemed like a pretty fair write-up. Maybe I’m just used to RPS’s style, but to me that sounded like them being quite positive!

Here’s hoping they sent even more interest this way.

I only picked up the game because of RPS

Interesting to see people came from hearing about it from RPS I heard about this game from TotalBiscut on WoW radio.

Yeah, I initially heard about GSB from RPS. And I did think their article was a fair representation - the scenarios that are part of the default game need some redesign. Thing is, that redesign is probably best saved until most or all of the balance glitches are eliminated. After all, why redesign them, then redesign them again and again as the mechanics change?

I am another person who picked up GSB based on what a lot of people are calling a “negative” discussion on RPS! In fact RPS is the sum total of my exposure to GSB, and every single time it’s appeared my interest has increased until the critical threshold was crossed and my wallet came out.

This is also true for me in every respect.

I don’t think it was a negative discussion. A critical one, yes, but not negative.

(+1 for another person who bought it due to hearing about it on RPS)

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RPS is the only reason I know about GSB, if it weren’t for those guys cliffski would be $20 poorer.