Rock Star


This is what’s coming soon:

(not even in beta yet though)


Looks good mate.
Guess I will spending some money in the future.
So ya wanted to be a rock star or just a great game idea?
Thanks for all ya hard work.


wanted to?
well kinda… I was in 3 different rocky-metal bands, and did some session work. I also taught guitar for a few years.
Those were the days…


Don’t know if this has anything to do with your muse, but the description reminded me a lot of Rock Manager.

Short and sweet, but fun to beat.


Looks bloody fantastic.
Can you give us a ballpark release date? :wink:
By the way I love Kudos it’s a great game.


Interesting concept. I would like to be notified as soon as this stuff is available. Is there any provision to notify registered owners of Kudos or other Positech games?


probably about a month away. I’m not very organsied, and don’t have a mailisng list that I use much, but anyone who wants an email when its released, just email me at cliff <>


Best of luck with it, then. You’ve got some competiion in the field, so it will be interesting to get your personal take on it. :slight_smile: