Just got the game this weekend and after several random crashes I now know that I have to tunr the music off due to the nvidia bug. Now htat I know this and I can oput some time in I was wondering if anyone can shed light on the romance/dating aspect of the game, what I really want to know is how does it come about? Is it just from spending a lot of one on one time with a particular person until your relationship reaches a certian level or does a specific option come up to “date” a person?

they will ask you on a date, up to you whether you say yes or no. It depends on your relationship, their gender (if you haven’t switched the same-sex option on) and also their attractiveness. If attractiveness is higher, they will ask you earleir than if its lower.

Thanks for the fast reply. Great game, and tons of fun now I just have to wait about 5 hours for work to end to have some more fun.