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[size=115]A big “hello” to everyone who has found their way to this game and to this forum!

Welcome to Gratuitous Space Battles 2’s[/size]


This forum is where ALL topics will be located concerning player-issued online challenges, retaliation battles in reaction to them, and tournaments consisting of plenty of both.

May the best ship designer/tactician win — let battle commence! :smiley:

[size=115]General User Conduct on all GSB2 forums[/size]
Read this before you post

A. ) If necessary, additional and/or more detailed all-forums rules will be posted at a future date.
B. ) However, until that time you are all expected to simply be guided by these two overall principles : use GOOD judgement BEFORE you post, and behave yourselves in ways that really should be super-obvious to everyone.
C. ) Those principles also include — making all of your posts constructive and helpful; promoting good content instead of bad content; staying on topic when you post; no swearing/obscenity/vulgarity; no sexual content of any kind; no inflating your post-count via one-liners or other wasteful garbage; don’t comment on someone else breaking a rule and/or being penalized for it; don’t do anything unwise; and so forth.
D. ) Violations of the principles will be taken seriously. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can casually break these without consequences.

[size=135]ADDITIONAL RULES for this specific forum :[/size]

  1. ) Challenge- and tournament-themed topics revolve around chains of related battles. Participants discuss how to rise to victory by the choices of which races, hulls, modules and weapons to use against any given enemy, creating the most efficient new ship designs based upon those choices, how to avoid losing via making not-so-efficient ship designs, and the relative merits of when less-efficient ship designs are situationally useful.

  2. ) All Support requests, all General Discussion, and all Modding-related topics, have their own specific, exclusive forums. Challenge & tournament topics should not be posted anyplace else other than this specific forum.

  3. ) However, this forum may also include some posts or threads about current and future gameplay balance, but ONLY in the context of where it relates directly to GSB2’s online challenge environment. The MAIN threads about gameplay balance can be found at the General Discussion forum.