Rural Tranquility Unachievable

Bringing this back because it continues to feel like a glaring issue in the face of the “more environmental policies” poll answer gaining steam. I’d like to see more detail around agriculture.

We also discussed this in the Agri/Farm Regulation thread, the chat about Agriculture Subsidies interacting with the environment, the suggestion about meat industry collapse (which fits nicely with the priority to model more negative situations showing up in the late game, as the Rare Earth Crisis does), and the cool @TheDenskan’s breakdown on Aquaculture. (I also remember a thread about green agritech and agricultural efficiency having a GDP/environmental effect, which I thought was very cool, and a conversation all but implied by the tone of the Vertical Farms policy, which I continue to love.)

To re-tool the Rural Tranquility achievement, we either need to revamp ways of leveling up the farming industry to make it more competitive and high-tech, or policies about deurbanising the state, both of which are entirely relevant to modern conversations in infrastructure.

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