Btw, Follick posted 5-10. Just didn’t mention it in this thread, in case anyone was wondering (I was).

Indeed. I’m working on another SAC5 to defeat the next one too so hurry up you guys :slight_smile:

Woops mess up the number by accident

11 up. Basically an updated 6. Beats 1 - 10


12 is up now (4613610) - beats previous 3 - have not tried on earlier ones yet.
This is so much fun. much better than trying random challenges online.

It sure is. Though if this is your first time, you might want to try your fleet vs the earlier fleets. It will give you a feel of how SAC evolves over time.

I have noticed in my SAC 5-12 than 6 of my fighter groups did not have “cautios” enabled.
can I post an updated one and delete the original?

Go ahead, as long as the new version continues to beat the last 3.

5-13 up, seems like the settings of this challenge leads to lame and boring fleets.

I was able to beat 13 from first attempt by adding 1 LC. but then it failed to beat my SCA-5-12!

Yeah, just glancing at them, it looks pretty disappointing.

There’s only a few ways to root out walls of slug cruisers like that:

Missiles: Scramblers make this untenable.
Fighters: Too much meat for them to burn through while flying through a tractor farm.
Plasma: Oh boy, let’s dedicate the entire fleet to a low DPS weapon. Virtual autowin for your opponent if he’s tribe.

There aren’t too many good answers outside of outright AI trickery.

5-14 up. Pure missile spam. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Updated. Disregard the first one, I didn’t use up all the credits :stuck_out_tongue:

SAC-5-15 IS UP

I have received many messages in game that SAC5 is getting stupid and brainless.
what I was trying to do is to make it impossible to break the 3 challenges chain. so if SAC-5-14 is an extreme case for ranged attack, SAC-5-15 is an extreme for close ramp attack. that was the idea behind it.

I think we have reached a dead lock now.

SAC-5-17 is UP
an updated version of 15

18 UP


I am trying to be creative here.

19 posted. Fighterless missile spam.

STW, can’t help but think your fleet would be a lot more dangerous if you could get those frigates and cruisers to attack at the same time

Not even close. It may not even be possible to create a true deadlock with just 3 fleets. :stuck_out_tongue:

We could make this more challenging by pushing up the difficulty to depth 4 instead of 3, but that’s mostly up to STW.

It has other problems depending on how I deploy it. Unless I use a strict escort it’s fairly easy for the challenger to engage them at different time. Using escort will make the frigates useless since they can’t have both escort and keep moving at the same time.

The whole point of depth 3 is to prevent deadlocks and increase activities. You know what happened to RCIX-SAC.

You’re just not being creative enough :wink:

There is a way.

Nope there isn’t. Unless you mean everything having the same speed stacked together, which obviously won’t work for other reasons. I might as well repost 8 if I do that.

Fairly easy to engage those 2 separately otherwise, since the challenger has full control of how much distance and at which corner they wish to engage in. Even fleet that has the same speed stacked to a single point can be broken apart with decoys. That’s just the advantage the challenger has.

The only fleet that can’t be engage separately are stationary stacked missile spams.

Now that stacking is fixed, everyone okay with it being banned from future SAC?

Yep. Seconded.