Almost anyone can beat one fleet with a counter, but do you have what it takes to beats 3?

Here’s how SAC works. Find the latest 3 SAC-6 challenges, beat them with the same fleet, then post it up as the new SAC.

This is the 6th series of SAC. The rules are

Map: 0_SAC-6 See Forum For Details
Resources: 150 pilots, 50000 credits
Engines Required

Be sure to label your challenge as SAC-6-(number) (description)
After the challenge is posted, reply here with the challenge ID number.

The first 3 challenges have been posted, they are


#4. Beats 1-3 even when not stacked.

I am very confused, while I would really like to join the club of “SAC”

can you plz help me

here is what I understood:

SAC-6 <-- (6) is the tournament number - so I should not consider SAC 5 for example

in SAC-6. it starts off with 3 challenges that I have to beat using a single fleet
these are: 4610748, 4610832, 4611017

if I beat those three challenges in SAC-6 then I post SAC-6 (4) so my challnge ID will extend the series

in order to post SAC-6 (5), someone has to beat 1 to 4 (4 is mine)

what if someone else managed to beat 1-3 and made 4? will he call it SAC-6 (4-2)?

did I get it right?

thank you

Once someone had posted a SAC6-4, you would have needed to defeat 2-4.1 to 3 no longer qualifies.

At any time, you need to defeat the three most recently posted numbered challenges in that SAC to post the next one.

So in SAC5, for example, we are up to SAC5-10. In order to post now you need to have a single deployment defeat SAC5-8, SAC5-9 and SAC5-10. If you do, you would post that deployment as SAC5-11.

In SAC1 we are up to 53, so you currently need to defeat SAC-51, SAC-52 and SAC-53 with a single deployment to post it as SAC-54.

Seeing as how nothing was happening here and the SAC-6 map must be getting lonely I have SAC-6 #5.

It beats SAC-6 1 through 4 as well as Rebellion’s un-numbered SAC.
Had MASSIVE problems getting a fleet that would break the CL-Spam of number 3.
When I first was on the forum, Mayish, people were discussing how underpowered the Tribe was.

Have fun with it.


SAC 6 seems so small now :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, nice ship arrangement…

SAC 6-6 up. Beats previous 5.

Edit: Updated to remove stacking.

Oooh nice - haven’t seen order used much!


6-7 posted. Beats all 6 :slight_smile:

Lol I seen that one coming. SAC 6 's credit count is too low for MWM to overload scramblers.

Now that stacking is fixed, everyone okay with it being banned from future SAC?