SAC 7 (p40, $10000)

Almost anyone can beat one fleet with a counter, but do you have what it takes to beats 3?

Here’s how SAC works. Find the latest 3 SAC-7 challenges listed here, beat them with the same fleet, then post it up as the new SAC.

This is the 7th series of SAC. The rules are

Map: 0_SAC-7 See Forum For Details
Resources: 40 pilots, 10000 credits
Engines Required

Be sure to label your challenge as SAC-7-(number) (description)
After the challenge is posted, reply here with the challenge ID number.

Recommended - For experienced players, please do not use Tribe.

The first challenge has been posted

SAC 7-1 4661389 (follick)

SAC 7-2: Rebel Tanks (4661416)

Did I do this right?

SAC 7-3 up


SAC 7-4 posted 4661458

7-5 up


Thank you guys for making this SAC up.

SAC-7-6 zGeneral is back (beats 2 to 5) is up

SWARM with 20% discount bonus is tempting with the low credit :wink:

BTW, The rules are very hard for new comers. next time make it with more P/$

Eh, working small is still easier than learning to counter plasma walls.

SAC 7-7 (beats 2-6) is up

By the way, I get a half dozen “Error-AI not found” when loading #5 and #3, is that normal?

SAC 7-8


Possibly because it was using the “last stand” option which requires the latest patch to work properly.

Despite the error messages, can you still play them?

SAC-7-9 back to square one

Huh, that looks to be the reason all right. Seems the 1.55 patch never installed (My copy isn’t updating past 1.50)

Despite the error messages the fleets did eventually play, but probably without the ‘Last Stand’ option. Not sure how significantly that changed things since this is the first I’ve heard of that option. I’ll see if I can find a way to update.

I think it was after 1.49 or something where ship auto retreat after losing all it’s weapons. So all last stand does was to make it behave like before, stick around until it dies. Primary reason for using this is to prevent a ship with escort from successfully escaping, dragging everything else with it. Very problematic in large fleets with many escorts/formations, but probably doesn’t make much difference in this small map.

If you are on mac or stream your patch might be a bit behind. In that case you can still play it doesn’t really matter.

SAC 7-10 Up - Beats 1-9



we need more ppl to jump in!

SAC 7-12 4665355

SAC-7-13 could not resist another frig spam, this time it is smarter!

SAC 7-14 Fun with Minimum Range, something that only works with really small fleets.


SAC-7-15 Corner Case

it is either a “too tough” tournament or we are the only ones enjoying it!
May be the developer should make the in-game menus more tournament friendly or promote it somehow.

Well I don’t see anyone else try… So I did assume the latter.

SAC 7-16 up. My version of Swarm Frigates.

The 2 of you are doing multiple SAC challenges per day. I don’t have the time to keep up that pace.

LOL, I drain my stress through this game.
last week we had a disaster where the core country communication infrastructure went down for two hours (no internet, no Intranet)
you call it, banks, e-government, airport, DSL users, business customers, POS credit cards…etc were all down.
it was considered a national security threat and we have to investigate and prevent it from happening again.

So I vent out on the game and now on the forum, hehe