I’m pretty new compared to most of the players of this awesome game but I literally loved the challenge system at first sight. Looking at the forum, I see that most of the challenges have been discontinued for a long time by now. Surely there are still many old and new players wishing to improve themselves. So I thought to begin a new SAC series.

-need to defeat the 3 previous challenges to yours with the same fleet and deployment
-100k credits max
-150 pilots max
-min ship speed 0.05
-No Parasites allowed ( for me and the people that bought the complete edition :P, the Parasite DLC isn’t included :confused: )
-Call the map SAC 8
-Map size = 2710
-Label your challenge as “SAC 8.i[/i]”, and reply here with the challenged ID number.

1st one is up. Have fun, all :P.

SAC 8.1 – 4909795

SAC 8.2 4910027

Anyone who’s played me will have seen this challenge - Rebel Fleet #4 modified in the space/pilot constraint.

Note to Skulz.
If you want to limit Parasites you can just remove or limit their supplies of Flak cannons and Revenge scramblers. Removing those means they are no more overpowering than anyone else. In fact with the low pilot count I think we’ll be seeing either heavy tribal rushes or light extreme frigate rushes.

SAC 8.2 – 4910027
Glad to sac it out again.

I wanted to use a map balanced for every kind of fleet. Due to my inexperience with the game I didn’t know that 150 is a low pilot count :P.
About parasites, they are banned only because they aren’t included in the complete pack so I don’t own them atm xD.
Imho would be fun to see more challenges with different sizes and cash and/or limited to some of the races(maybe 4-5 of them max)

SAC 8.3 4910298
It’s only an improved version of the last one

Unfortunately, I use a parasite fleet. :frowning:

SAC 8.5 After Insanity Raging’s “Holy Plasma, Batman” challenge.

Defeats the required 8.2-8.4, as well as the original.

Modified plasma fleet based loosely on IR’s.

SAC 8.5

We need more people in the SAC

Well he didn’t called his challenge sac 8.4 and he didn’t posted anything on the forum also. I think he only did 8.3 and retaliated the fleet.
Until he shows up here we can’t include that fleet like the 8.4 and so your like the 8.5

hey kids. posted a SAC 8.5 challenge. hope i did it the right way. couldn’t name the map SAC 8, didn’t see a “name your map” option (i’m playing this on a Mac), then again i might just be a complete nitwit. either way id like to join so let me know what i can do to blow each other up.

best to you…

Stan Plush

When you set up a new challenge, in the left corner of the map selection there is save, so you can save it with the name that you prefer.
Btw we are quite stuck. There isn’t a 8.4 challenge atm so I don’t know what Berny actually defeated and now you come with another 8.5 :P.

alright. keep me updated. should i go ahead with an 8.4?

wow, insanity raging bitched slapped me for trying to get in on SAC. didn’t mean to ruin your panther party. i’ll leave you kids alone then.

wow what’s happened?
Btw he didn’t posted anything and personally I don’t know him. If he offended you in any way just ignore him.
We are still stuck here btw, I suggest to remove every 8.5 challenge and post a 8.4 since atm there is no one. Again got no idea about the 8.4 challenge that berny defeated, can you say us something? This thing is blocking all the sac :confused:

Start over?

Petition Cliffski to set up a more in depth concise leaderboard/tournament system?

The problem is no matter what we do / want, all challenges are public on GSB and can and will be retaliated however people would like to.

IR’s fleet that I called 8.4 was posted just before I posted 8.5. There are not that many SAC 8 challenges that it should be easily figured out.

Cliffski… we need some help here…

Challenges are public but I think that we should only continue the Sac with the ones posted in the forum. Otherwise why make this thread, just play random challenges.
Imho we are at the 8.3 unless IR posts a 8.4 in game and in the forum, if he doesn’t care he can play alone seriously. Bitch and insult people are kid’s matters and he should be sorry for what he did to Stan. He can play from days or years but education is the 1st thing that matter.

his last private challenge, and i dont have parasites so i didnt bother answering, implied that i dont have the “honor” to use a SAC prefix. ive got my big boy pants on so i think i’ll be ok, just didn’t want to invite myself to a private party. that said lemme know if i can join you guys in blowing stuff up…