My salary was £32,000 and when i reopened my saved game it went back to £24,500… Is this normal? I get informed when i have a promotion but not a demotion?

edit : i think it’s a bug. I just opened the job information window where you can change your mode of transportation etc… and it said 32 but on the main job screen it said 24 … and it got reverted back to 32 when I had to RE-choose Motorbike… for some reason it was set back to Bus as well… any way to resolve this rather annoying bug?

Hmmm. kudos goes to great lengths not to regenerate some bits of text, and it sounds like a situation where the salary has changed but the text hasn’t been updated. I will try and take a look at this.

yeah when you just revert your mode of transportation back, the salary corrects itself… it’s no biggy, doesn’t interfere with gameplay… hope that helps