Salvos don't work. :( (1.29)

Just played a few games after getting the patch and I’ve found any weapons making use of salvos act weird. It’s almost like the salvo interval and fire interval values were swapped.

With further testing it seems that only salvo interval is used to determine rate of fire and fire interval is ignored completely. Anybody else have this happen?

I’m seeing bizarre visual effects on the tribe autocannons - the muzzleflash is playing in slow motion, leading to the effect rotating around with the cannon.

The damage feels awfully anaemic as well. It looks like it’s firing single shots.

I have some test weapons in a mod where the salvo_interval is large, and the fire_interval is short, and they don’t work. Looks like weapons enter battle now always uncharged, so if the salvo_interval is large, that’s when they first fire, only after one salvo interval.

The autocannon has a fire interval of 110 and a salvo interval of 1200 with a salvo size of 5.

If the salvo interval is functioning as the fire interval as suggested, and the fire interval as the salvo interval, it will fire a single shot every 1200 for 5 shots, then take 110 to reload and do the same. That’s slo-mo for sure.

Also, as I said, weapons appear to start unloaded, and the first shot happens only after the salvo interval passes—eliminating one of the only really useful parts of salvos.

I’m investigating now


found it. What a chump. dang. Imminent patching…

this is fixed now (1.30)
If you don’t want to wait a day for the patch check go to

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\web

and delete the file called ‘up’

then restart the game.

Woo! Free shield module interface update!

We should find bugs more often!

Works like a charm. Thanks Cliff!