Has anyone doing modding investigated the salvo stuff? if you look at the config for the tribes new eapons you can probably work out how to do it, but note that the capability for salvos isn’t limited to kinetic weapons. It’s a totally new feature you could add to loads of stuff :smiley:

I have made a few weapons for my mod that use salvos and for the most part they work superbly.
Behold the totally gratuitous and moderately priced Hellfire Rocket Launcher:

unlockcost = 0
lockable = 0
armour_penetration = 30
category = “WEAPONS”
classname = “SIM_MissileModule”
cost = 148
crew_required = 12
damage = 9
decoy_release_range = 740
description = “Missiles have the range, but rockets have the advantage of speed and the sudden panic they induce in their victims. Panic your enemies today with this excellent rocket launcher.”
fire_interval = 80
salvo_size = 8
salvo_interval = 6800
flareuvid = 0
fuel = 1200
guiname = “Hellfire Rocket Launcher”
has_decoys = 1
has_flare = 1
has_splines = 0
hitpoints = 95
icon = turret
min_range = 115
max_range = 800
missilelength = 12.0
missilespeed = 1.30
missilewidth = 2.0
name = “hellfire rocket”
powerconsumed = 4
shield_penetration = 30
size = “CRUISER”
sound = data/sounds/missile_launch.ogg
soundpriority = 0.25
soundvolume = 0.44
submunitionslive = 1
tracking_speed = 0.9
turnspeed = 0.22
turret_sprite = “turret_miss_v2”
turretsize = 11.0
warhead = EXPLOSIVE
weight = 122
slot_type = TURRET
uisortpos = 1160

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
4 = max_range,DECIMAL
5 = damage,DECIMAL
6 = fire_interval,INTEGER
7 = tracking_speed,DECIMAL
8 = shield_penetration,DECIMAL
9 = armour_penetration,DECIMAL
10 = crew_required,INTEGER
11 = min_range,DECIMAL
12 = has_decoys,BOOL[/code]

The only caveat that I can see is successive missile/rocket/plasma volleys don’t launch until the first dissipates or hits the target.

What does this mean?

As an initial test, how about trying a Plasma weapon with a salvo? Missiles seem to have a hard coded limitation at the moment.

That’s the number of volleys fired in one salvo before reloading. The rate of fire in the salvo is determined by fire_interval and reload time is salvo_interval.

Tried this too. I made a plasma based weapon with a fire interval of 100 but the torpedoes fired only once the previous one hit. :frowning:

Reducing fuel and max range to a really small value (200 or less) while boosting missile speed has some interesting effects, if you want a point-blank range missile shotgun/chaingun. :smiley:

I’ll have to mess with this. We really need an ammo limit for missiles, and allow multiples in-flight, though. The former can be default off if needed, I just want that control :slight_smile:

Well an ammo limit for missiles is no problem, just adjust the settings like
salvo_size = 1000
salvo_interval = 9999999999
This would ultimately mean that the limit for missiles is 1000. The game will have end 100% sure before the salvo_interval hits in ^^

This would only work for a one-shot missile, right?

So you could make a fighter have 1 missile module that fires, say, 4 missiles at once, and never gets to fire again?

You could not make a frigate that could fire 6 at once, but only X times before running out.

It’s a lot closer, though. I’ll DL tribes here tonight. Sold!

Hm well, when I think about it, 4 might really work, but what does happen when the target leaves the maximum range during a salvo? Maybe it will be interrupted and never shoot again? Have to try this…


say goodbye to your optic nerve paths bastards.

no actualy this is a good way for arms race in space, create some sort of salvo point defense to even it out and were fine.

The idea behind missile salvos is to overwhelm point-defense systems on an enemy cruiser. Making some sort of PD gatling laser would sorta defeat the purpose, as cool as it might look.

Nay, the idea behind missile salvos is to look awesome! :wink: And why should the enemy be so dumb and NOT invent PD salvos if it’s usefull? Why should there be no counter PD for a salvo missile which is effectivly useless against normal steady missile attacks? I think it makes perfectly sense.

That’s what Scramblers are for. :smiley:

scramblers are defeated by dumbfire missiles ? ( and they look stupid), comon salvo point defense is pretty clearly a step forward in an arms race in wich salvo missiles where discovered :smiley:

Salvo’d point defense would be interesting. Figure give it a relativly short range, and a ridiculous rate of fire. with a fairly hefty cool down. The goal being to mitigate a concentrated salvo of missles, but failing to stop a sustained barrage. (ti’s that balance thing.)

exactly, it would shoot down like 20 missiles in a second and then be useless for a minute or more :smiley:

Well, I thought of making quantum blasters, fighter pulse laser and frigate phasors salvo weapons, so they may have some purpose to exist.

PD salvo weapons would not work I think. This is because a salvo is aimed at a single target. If 100 anti-missile missiles fired at once at 50 incoming missiles, they’d all hit ONE incoming missile, leaving 49 to hit.

Salvoes will only really work offensively I think.

Seems to be true. I made a custom PD laser use them and stuck 6 on a few cruisers on the Chaos Nebula map.
They shot down a sizeable portion of missiles, but many still got past even though the PD had a modest tracking rate of 9.0, a fairly quick fire rate AND increased range.

So you make a missile bay with 6 missiles, a short fire interval, and a long salvo interval (reload).

But the missiles won’t all fire at once, it will fire 6—one in flight at a time—THEN reload.

If it won’t fire all the missiles at once, it’s pretty much useless for missiles, IMO, except maybe for fighters. You could force rocket/torp fighters to be semi-realistic with salvo=6, keep their current fire interval and make the reload time 999,999 or something.

Actually, my problem has more to do with calling it “salvo,” really. Call it “reload time” or “ready ammo” or something, and it makes perfect sense. SALVO, on the other had imp[lies that they fire AT THE SAME TIME.

A salvo of 6 missiles means 6 missiles fired at once. There is no other way to read “salvo=6,” least not in english.