save bug & gdp

Hello everyone, I’m new to the game and I love it so far, I have two questions/concerns though:

  1. when loading a saved game the game goes bonkers: the debt crisis vanishes just to reappear the next turn making me lose roughly 40% consensus every time, also all the other perks vanish just to come back a turn later, they just don’t cause the same troubles. Big bug for me, does it happen to anyone else?

  2. is GDP capped at some point? Is there any interest on keeping pushing up the GDP when the bar is already full green?

I’m struggling trying to play the harder difficulty levels (Italy in particular), so any random hint and help is appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

GDP does max out, once its around 100% dont push it any further. Thats like giving tax incentives to companies already selling to everyone in the market :smiley:
I havent seen (or heard other reports) of this save bug, do you have version 1.32?

yes: “final 1.32”