"Save Deployment" crash

I’ve discovered an easy way to crash GSB version “Full 1.59”, on Windows, Steam version (and also the Humble Bundle version, I think). I actually did this several times before I realized exactly what I was doing that was causing the crash.

  1. Run GSB
  2. Click “Battle”
  3. Choose any mission.
  4. Click “Deploy the fleet”
  5. Click “Save Deployment”
  6. Click “Save” (to overwrite an existing “deployed” save file)
  7. An “Overwrite File” dialog window will appear.
  8. Close the “Save Deployment” window by clicking on it’s X.
  9. Click “Yes” in the “Overwrite file” dialog window.
  10. Bam! GSB crashes!

I suspect the “Save Deployment” window was destroyed when it was closed, but the “Overwrite File” dialog (or something else) is still referencing it.

The same crash happens inside Ship Design. (And perhaps anywhere where an overwrite dialog pops up?)