Save file problem with trash data

i demolished my whole factory and production slots (~20 line production) for a fresh (and optimized) start wtih all techology achieved + money.
so, I have a empty factory

but save file is 76MB and contains old production slot datas. targets, stocks etc.

because of that trash data and big save file, game keeps crashing.

you can inspect save file here

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Hi, I did manage to load this save game ok, although it takes a while. The size of the save game is mostly due to the 6,000+ cars that exist in the showroom, not the old slots, which genuinely seem to have been deleted. I do need to carry out some optimisations of the save game format, because its not at all compact right now.

Regarding what you were trying to achieve regarding tech, I do intend to add an option to start a save game with all tech already unlocked, I just haven’t done it yet.

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