Save Function - Broken

Every time I load a save, the quarterly report for the turn is blank and any policy dilemma has disappeared. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a fix for this?

I’m using 1.23 on Vista 64.

Another save game related bug I have noticed is that the population figures for each group changes when you reload the game. I can save the game with 32% of the population being commuters (16m) and reload the turn to see the number reduced to 16% (8m). Can anyone help me with this? These bugs are really screwing up the forum game I have going.

Ok, this is really annoying now. I’ve been hosting a forum participation game with players representing each political group and voting on decisions to be implemented in game by myself - each player’s voting power depending on their political group’s power within the country and support for the government. Obviously, it’s kinda important that the numbers for each political group are reliable and don’t jump around when reloading a save game - which is what happens. Since I’ve been playing the game in a particularly odd way I have (paper) records of what has been going on.

Playing Malaganga, the environmentalists numbered 20% of the population. On turn 1, their number jumped to 48%. They hovered around the 40%-50% mark until turn 7 when their number dropped back down to 20%. What’s also really annoying is that in a disturbingly Orwellian way my old save games for each turn now say that the environmentalists have had a steady 20% every turn since the start!

Again, since I’ve been playing this as a forum participation game I have saves for each turn (for what they’re worth).