Save games stored under game installation folder

Any chance that you could store the save games where the game has been installed? eg. I have installed the game in “e:\Games\Production Line” - I’d rather keep all game related files together, and not have the save game files under my C: folder with my user profile.
This is to keep my user profile folder as clean as possible (particularly if having to manually remove a game for some reason) - and also makes it easy to find save games to (a) post bug reports, and (b) run backups of.

Seconding this request.

I’d like that to be optional.

Because honestly I prefer save games being in my “\Documents\My Games”-folder for the reason of them being backed up automatically to the Cloud Service I’m using.

I wouldn’t want having to add each Game/Program manually to the Cloud Synchronization.

On top of that most of the games use the “\Documents\My Games”-folder nowadays and only a small fraction of “don’t want to comply to industry standards” games still save everything within their own Program Folder… making it harder to track down save games for the end user and also violating user group access permissions and other weird stuff if the computer is being used by multiple users each with their own account.

It’s inherently bad design to put per user related stuff into the main Program’s Installation Folder.

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Thank you, MeduSalem, my thoughts exactly. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

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